The Slasher is a specimen introduced in Killing Floor 2. It is a more dangerous variation of the Clot.

They are faster and stronger than Clots, and move in an erratic manner. They are also able to grab players like their fellow Cysts and Clots.

Slashers also have the ability to do an evasive roll on higher difficulties, making it difficult to land an accurate shot.

Despite it's advantages, the Slasher still has the same amount of health as a regular Clot.


The Slasher is a close relative of the Clot, being a highly aggressive form of the Clot made from the Clot Mother, the Slasher is shown to self-harming with scratches all over its body.

Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Against:

  • SMGs (+50% Damage)
  • Handguns (+1% Damage)

Strong Against:

  • Bludgeon (-10% Damage)
  • Slashing (-15% Damage, does not apply to basic Knives)
  • Microwave (-75% Damage)


  • The Slasher is described as acting like "a Cokehead" by Kiling Floor's Motion Capture artist.