The Scrake is a giant specimen that appears in all Killing Floor games. It is one of the biggest threats outside of Bosses, along with the Fleshpound.

They are noticeable for being large, hulking monstrosities who wear masks and have a chainsaw in place of their right arm.

In the first Killing Floor, their outfits more resembled that of a doctor, while in Killing Floor 2 they look more like butchers.

Once their health drops to a certain percentage (varies by Difficulty), a Scrake will rage and begin rushing madly after players. While raging, it is capable of damage other zeds that get in it's way. Once enraged, a Scrake never calms down again.

Scrakes can also block in Killing Floor 2, reducing all damage taken by 10%. However, they lose the ability to block once enraged.

Attacks that hit the chainsaw deal 80% less damage. Additionally, Scrakes take 6 seconds to bleed out after being decapitated, instead of the standard 5.

A Scrake serves as the boss of Farmhouse, the first stage in Killing Floor: Incursion.

Killing Floor 2 Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Against:

  • Unexploded RPG-7 Rocket (+300%)
  • Microwave (+10% Damage)

Strong Against:

  • Shotguns (-10% Damage)
  • Handguns (-20% Damage)
  • Piercing (-25% Damage)
  • Explosives (-60% Damage)
  • Fire (-70% Damage)
  • Toxic (-75% Damage)