Originally implemented into Killing Floor 2 as the Elite version of a Clot, in update 1062 it was reworked into it's own enemy, the Rioter.

The Rioter features pale skin like other elite enemies, as well as gaining some destroyable armor on their head and chest. They cannot sprint while armored, but they also cannot be damaged in the armored areas until the armor is destroyed. Their lower body is notably unarmored and thus vulnerable to damage. However, they will enrage upon losing their armor. They also have triple the health of a regular Clot.

The Rioter does not spawn normally, and instead has a chance to replace the spawn of a regular Clot. Those chances vary per Difficulty:

  • Normal: 0%
  • Hard: 0%
  • Suicidal: 25%
  • Hell on Earth: 35%

Rally Buff

Rioters have the ability to temporarily buff nearby zeds. This increases their damage and causes them to sprint more often. The buff lasts for ten seconds and effected zeds will have a glow applied to them. The damage boost will be +20%, +50%, or +100% depending on the zed. Bosses cannot be buffed.

  • +100%: Clot, Cyst, Slasher
  • +50%: Bloat
  • +20%: Crawler, E.D.A.R., Fleshpound, Gorefast, Gorefiend, Husk, Quarterpound, Siren, Scrake, Stalker

Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Against:

  • SMGs (+50% Damage)
  • Handguns (+1% Damage)

Strong Againsts:

  • Bludgeon (-10% Damage)
  • Slashing (-15% Damage, does not apply to basic Knives)
  • Microwave (-75% Damage)