Oisten Jägerhorn is a new character introduced in Killing Floor 2. He is unlocked by joining the official Killing Floor 2 Steam group by following the game.
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Killing Floor 2 Description

Being a big guy, from Sweden, who enjoyed beer and getting loud in bars, Jägerhorn tended to fit everyone's idea of a modern-day Viking, before the outbreak. But, after being vaguely involved in the craziness that was the Great Nordic Biker war[1] in the 1990s, he'd decided that insane violence, directed at people, was for less fun than drinking plenty of beer and playing mediocre lead guitar for 'Metalbika' - his Metallica tribute band.
Once the outbreaks reached Scandinavia, on the other hand, insane violence became the order of the day after all. Zeds vs People - not good karma, by Jägerhorn's standards. Big Swedish Viking Jägerhorn vs Zeds? Bring it on!


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