Mutators are ways to modify a match of Killing Floor or Killing Floor 2 in a variety of ways.

Depending on the effect of the mutator, using it may disable your ability to gain progress in your Perks or earn Achievements while the mutator is active.

In the first Killing Floor, you can easily add mutators from a Mutator Menu available when you're setting up your match. When you are joining someone else's game, the mutators in use will be listed in the info on the bottom-left of your screen.

If you join a server running a mutator you don't have, it will be temporarily downloaded before you join. You can permanently acquire mutators to add to your list by downloading them from the Steam Workshop or certain websites.

When browsing servers, a symbol to the left of the server name will tell you whether or not Stats are Enabled (ie. you can progress your perks and earn achievements). You can also specify for the browser to not show you servers where stats are disabled.

Official Killing Floor Mutators

These mutators are available in the first Killing Floor and will not prevent Perk Progression:

  • KillingFloorMut: This is the default mode
  • No Karma Decorations: Removes Karma Decorations from the map
  • No Trader: The Trader never opens between waves.

These mutators are available by default, but will prevent Perk Progression:

  • Bloat-ed: Fight against Bloats only
  • Clot Buster: Fight against Clots only
  • Five Alarm Siren: Fight against Sirens only
  • Gored Fast: Fight against Gorefasts only
  • Poundamonium!: Fight against Fleshpounds only

For unofficial mutators, click here.