Mr. Foster is a DLC character in Killing Floor who returns as a standard playable character in Killing Floor 2.

He was initally made available in the first game as part of the Nightfall Character Pack along with three other characters: Lee Baron, Mike Noble, and Security Officer Thorne.

During the 2011 Summer Sideshow event, a Steampunk version of Mr. Foster could be unlocked by completing achievements related to the new map, Abusement Park.

Then in 2014, another version called Mr. Magma was released as part of the Neon Character Pack alongside a new version of DJ Scully called DJ Voltage.

In Killing Floor 2, his original outfit can be purchased as part of the Foster Classic Bundle.

He also appears as an NPC in Killing Floor: Incursion, using his Killing Floor 2 model.

His primary distinguishing feature is a white gas mask that covers his entire head. He is never seen with his mask off. By default, he wears a leather jacket.

Killing Floor Description

"The SuperFantastic life of a day trader and evening attraction at London's premiere karaoke bar. It's a shame no publishers are still alive to pick up Foster's half finished autobiography. The final chapter - An Orgy of Skull Cracking and Mutant Warfare in the Big City would have probably rocketed the book to the top of the best seller lists."

Steampunk Mr. Foster Description

"In some alternate universe, day traders are considered cool and desirable. In that alternate universe they get cool Steampunk gear to wear and don't write sad little autobiographies that no-one cares about. And, just for once, something in the original Foster's mind seems to have leaked over into the real world. Won't he be surprised?"

Mr. Magma Description


"Mr. Foster has been through some incarnations over the years. And now his final persona - Mr Magma! Ever-tasteful, Foster now runs to a glowing red suit, with suitably flashy fire motifs on the cuffs. But we just can't help loving him anyway!"

Killing Floor 2 Description

"Foster had wandered into day trading from a mediocre English private school education, with the classic 'you’ll never amount to anything, Foster' ringing in his ears from the school’s careers office. Not that Foster really cared. But, bizarrely, he found that day trading suited him. He started to generate large sums of money and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not that he would admit to enjoying a job, obviously. He also had a habit of verbally abusing authority figures. This led to Foster being seen as a clever, smart guy, with a sardonic sense of humor and great taste in clothes and cars. Or a jumped-up little tool. You decide."


Killing Floor

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Mr. Magma

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