Manor is one of the standard maps that came with the original Killing Floor Mod and was then remade for the full retail release of Killing Floor.

In addition to the derelict manor, there is also a small network of caves.

Killing Floor Mod 1.0 Description

In the wilds somewhere in the northern Lakes District, there were reports of a survivor lodging in an old manor home. Upon arriving, the reports of survivors were proven to be wrong, though the manor and surrounding countryside have residents of their own...

Killing Floor Mod 2.0 Description

Of all the places to crashland... Severe winds forced your chopper to the ground not far from an abandoned late 19th century manor home. Unfortunately, the nearby township was decimated by the infected - so expect company. The chopper isn't going anywhere - your only hope is to hold out long enough for the extraction you requested to arrive.

Killing Floor Description

Of all the places to crashland... The nearby 19th century manor house is a derelict - A home for squatters and junkies. The paint-flecked walls and collapsed flooring is far from enticing, but it may be a good place to take refuge and set up a defense. Because you can hear them coming. They tracked you here. The sound of murmuring is growing louder on the breeze...


  • In the original mod, the Specimens spread an infection similar to zombies.


Killing Floor Mod 1.0

Kfmod1 manor

Killing Floor Mod 2.0

Kfmod2 manor

Killing Floor