Lockheart's Steamland (usually just referred to as Steamland) is a map that was released as part of the Summer Sideshow event in 2013 for Killing Floor.

It was also the first map to also be available in Objective Mode, as well as the first map where players interacted with a friendly NPC other than the Trader.

It is set within Ringmaster Lockheart's steampunk-themed amusement park.

In Objective Mode, players must first help secure the area. Then they proceed to restore power and open the gates. Next they must reach Ringmaster Lockheart and heal him, then escort him to safety and defend him while awaiting for his airship to arrive. Lastly the players must secure gold from three hidden safes in the park before facing the Patriarch.

Official Description

Lockheart's Steamland is the #1 summer destination for all of England, surpassing other carnival-style piers with their greasy chip shops, leaky domes, and bloated ticket prices. Unfortunately, when the Horzine outbreak happened in the off-season, things have gotten--how shall we say--out of hand and a little creepy.