Killing Floor allows anyone to make their own custom map using the free SDK. If you own the game, just look in your Tools section of Steam for the Killing Floor SDK.

This page will list some of the more notable custom maps made by the community. Most of them can be downloaded by subscribing to them in the Steam Workshop.

A complete listing of all the custom maps submitted to the Grindhouse Competition can be found here.

NOTE: This is for notable maps. Not for advertising your personal favorites.
If you would like to promote your favorites, please create a blog like this.

Corner Market

Corner Market was the third place winner of the first wave of the Grindhouse Competition, but unlike the first and second place winners, it was never officially added to the game.

It is a medium-sized map shaped around a small park, featuring the adjacent streets and a part of the Corner Market. There are no doors to weld, nothing to stop the specimen except for bullets.


It's been weeks since the first specimen appeared, and the scum has spread all over London like flies on a dead gerbil. What's left of the place is slowly going up in flames. But eventually, the military troops managed to constrain their expansion, and now's the time to reclaim the city, one neighborhood at a time.


Refuge was a runner-up in the first Grindhouse Competition, but was never officially added to the game.

The camp is divided into three sections, and the overall area is surrounded by a fence, encompassing the camp.


A bleak and uninviting refugee camp in a forest north of London, home to some two thousand displaced civilians, is about to be overrun by marauding specimens...


Swamp was another runner-up in the first Grindhouse Competition, but was never officially added to the game.

This level is dedicated to Bob (all eleven thousand).


The moody swamps of a now abandoned property serve as the final base of operations for the Delta Battalion. The Specimens have wiped out most inner-city defenses, all that remains is the uncharted wilderness and isolated, country homesteads. The terrain on the outer-fringes of the quarantine area is dense, and a thick fog coats the valley. Keep your eyes peeled and watch your squadmates.


Chthon was a runner-up in the second wave of the Grindhouse Competition, but was never officially added to the game.


The biting blizzard drove your team into this forgotten crypt. The smell of sulfuric vapors and rotten wood fills the air. Untold terror is about to unfold as you venture deeper into the halls of Chthon.

The Long Dark Road

The Long Dark Road was another runner-up in the second wave of the Grindhouse Competition. It was made by the same person who created Filth's Cross, Biohazard, and Hospital Horrors, all of which got officially added to the game.


London is taken and our darkest hour has arrived. The war that first started as a containment order has now turned into a stance of resistance. Overwhelmed and on the verge of total annihilation, we have become nothing more than survivalist. Our plan at present is to retreat into the Kent country side and resupply ourselves from the abandoned Horzine store houses close to the Folkstone research centre. Unfortunately the area has been evacuated and with no reports forth coming it means we are walking the darkest of roads into the unknown.

Mountain Pass Night

Mountain Pass Night is a nighttime version of the original Mountain Pass, created by Yoshiro of Tripwire Interactive.

It is largely the same as the original version, just set at night time instead.



Hell Freezes Over

As a Twisted Christmas bonus, here is a winter version of Hell, made by it's original creator.

Swift Brutal Death made several maps which were officially added to the game before becoming an official Tripwire Interactive employee.