Killing Floor 2 has a wide arsenal of weapons for killing the specimens. Weapons are sorted into categories based on the perk of the player. Weapons are sold by the Trader for Dosh or found on the map.

Unlike previous titles, each Perk has their own unique knife and grenade. Additionally, they always begin the match with their Tier 1 Weapon available.

Cross-Perk Weapons

Killing Floor 2 added Cross-Perk or "Multi-perk" weapons with the Tropical Bash update. This is when a weapon for one perk can also count for another perk. For example, the Demolitionist M16 M203 Assault Rifle counts as both a Demolitionist weapon and a Commando weapon, so it can gain XP for either perk, and either perk can apply their damage bonuses to it when using it.

Cross-Perk Weapons are shown in the shop menu, below all the regular weapons for that perk.


Kf2 upgrade

Killing Floor 2 also added the ability for weapons to be upgraded, one tier at a time, all the way up to Tier 5. This can only be done at the Trader.

The amount of Dosh to upgrade to the next tier increases each time.

  • 200 Dosh to upgrade to Tier 1
  • 500 Dosh to upgrade to Tier 2
  • 600 Dosh to upgrade to Tier 3
  • 700 Dosh to upgrade to Tier 4
  • 1,500 Dosh to upgrade to Tier 5

Currently, upgrading a weapon will only increase it's damage and weight. Damage is increased by a percentage, while weight typically increases by 1 for each upgrade applied.

You cannot upgrade your Knife, Grenades, Armor, HMTech Healer, or Welder. The 9mm Pistol, however, can be upgraded (and is the only weapon that starts at Tier 0 and so can be upgraded the full five times).

Some weapons are Tier 5 by default, and thus cannot be upgraded further.

Dropped upgraded weapons will flash orange instead of green.




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