Killing Floor 2 originally launched in Early Access with only three maps, but more were freely added in future updates, some of which were created by community members before being selected to become official.

Survival Mode in this game has two subcategories: Holdout-Style and Objective-Style. These are still Survival maps and are played in Survival Mode, they just have a twist to them. Holdout-Style maps have the players descending through a series of locations, and they have to hold out in whatever location they end up in. Objective-Style adds optional map-specific objectives for the players to complete.

Holdout-Style maps are not available for Endless Mode. Additionally, DieSector, which was created to showcase Endless Mode, cannot be played in Survival Mode.

Holdout-Style, Objective-Style, and Endless Maps are all unavailable for Survival VS mode.

For a list of some notable community-made maps for this game, click here.

Official Maps


Holdout-Style: (Not Available for Endless Mode)