The Husk is a Specimen in the Killing Floor games that is equipped with a powerful flame cannon. It fires a flammable ranged attack that pierces armor and deals continuous damage to those hit by it. The Husk also has a slightly weaker melee attack.

In most games it is the only regular enemy with a long-range attack.

In Killing Floor 2 the Husk has gained a self-detonating attack where it blows itself up causing area effect damage. It will only attempt this when it is low on health and near a player.

Additionally, on higher Difficulties it can also use it's cannon to spray a jet of flame back and forth in front of it, dealing massive damage. It can also set the ground on fire.

Damaging it's backpack can cause it to explode, killing the Husk and damaging nearby zeds (but not players).

It does not take a noticeable amount of extra damage to the head (but will still lose the ability to attack if decapitated), but takes 50% more damage to it's backpack. However, shots to it's cannon deal 50% less damage.

In Killing Floor 2, they have a chance to have their spawn replaced by an E.D.A.R. instead. This chance varies per Difficulty:

  • Normal: 8%
  • Hard: 10%
  • Suicidal: 15%
  • Hell on Earth: 21%

In Killing Floor: Incursion, they appear as the Boss of the Paris stage.

It's weapon is available to the Firebug perk in most games, as the Husk Fireball Launcher or Husk Cannon.


The Husk was the effort of Horzine to create a cybernetic soldier most shown in it's eyes (being a cybernetic glowing aiming computer.) The Husk uses a ranged weapon, being a flame-based launcher originally wielded with it's arms before it was shown that Husks were terrible at using the launcher and caused Horzine to simply remove the right arm of the Husk and replacing it with the launcher.

The Husk is not acting on instinct but rather programming, like a computer the Husk uses a simple routine of: See enemy, aim, shoot. And due to this Horzine believed that the Husks were too dull to be used as a weapon and problems in the code caused Husks to sometimes shoot non-enemies when their was no one else around.

Killing Floor 2 Weaknesses and Resistances

Weak Against:

  • Microwave (+15% Damage)

Strong Against:

  • Bludgeon (-15% Damage)
  • Handguns (-15% Damage, does not apply to 9mm Pistols or 1858 Revolvers)
  • Explosives (-25% Damage)
  • Slashing (-25% Damage)
  • SMGs (-25% Damage)
  • Toxic (-25% Damage)
  • Rifles (-30% Damage)
  • Assault Rifles (-40% Damage)
  • Fire (-50% Damage)
  • Piercing (-50% Damage)


  • The Husk speaks in a robotic voice, a result of it's cybernetic enhancements and seems to use very stilted lines such as "TARGET AQUIRED" among other things though it does show the ability to understand humour laughing when aiming at an enemy.


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