The Hemogoblin is a Field Medic weapon in Killing Floor 2. It was added as part of the Halloween Horror update.

While the Hemogoblin may appear like a form of grenade-launcher it is more similar to a bulky and futuristic dart-gun capable of firing projectiles that burrow into a single target and cause a bleed effect. This makes the zed appear paler and have a bleed icon above them.

Like most Field Medic weapons, the alternate fire shoots a medic dart to heal teammates. The medic dart has slight homing capabilities. The dart costs 40% of the charge and heals for 20 points of health. The medic darts can recharge from 0 to 100% in 12 seconds.


"Fire mode shoots a blood bore that injures, slows and weakens Zeds. Alt-fire shoots healing darts to heal team members."

Flavor Text

"Not a viable weight loss plan."


To Tier 4

  • Cost: 700
  • Damage Bonus: +40%
  • Weight: +1
  • Medic Dart Recharge: +20% Faster

To Tier 5

  • Cost: 1,500
  • Damage Bonus: +80%
  • Weight: +2
  • Medic Dart Recharge: +40% Faster


  • The name of the gun is a pun on Hemoglobin which is a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen.
  • The only weapon in Field Medic's arsenal that heals 20HP / dart opposite to 15HP of other non-syringe healers.