Harchier Spebbington is a cross-promotional character from The Ball who appears as a playable character in Killing Floor.

There are two separate versions available, usually referred to as Harchier Spebbington and Harchier Spebbington II.

The original was exclusive to people who preordered The Ball and is the only character that is no longer possible to obtain.

Harchier Spebbington II is still available for anyone who owns The Ball regardless of preorder status. He is largely the same as the original, just missing the weapons on his back and such.


And Harchier thought fighting mummies in an ancient volcano with a giant mystical ball was weird... Finding himself in the streets of London fighting seemingly infinite waves of mutants and monsters makes him wish the ball was still close by. This time he'll have to make do with automatic weapons, flamethrowers and explosives.


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