Edmund Cook, better known as Commando Chicken or the Chickenator, was a character in Killing Floor.

He was originally made available in his Commando Chicken costume as an unlockable character during the Halloween Horror event in 2011.

The following year during the Hillbilly Horror event he was released as a DLC character now known as the Chickenator. His new bio said that he had died in battle, but a mysterious organization managed to revive him as a cyborg and sent him back into combat.

While he has not appeared in Killing Floor 2, his Commando Chicken costume is available in the in-game store, and can be worn by most playable characters.

Commando Chicken Description

"Special Inspector Edmund Cook arrived to the West End Central Police station Halloween party wearing his prized chicken suit. He had witnessed a lot of brutality on the force, but something in him snapped when the Horzine Outbreak reached his precinct during the party. He suited up for combat still wearing the costume, and now he won't take it off. Maybe it helps hide the pain, helps hide the inhumanity he feels massacring the hordes of specimens."

The Chickenator Description


"Special Inspector Edmund Cook made quite a name for himself carving a chunk out of the Horzine creatures spat forth during the outbreak. But every warrior, even one dressed as farm poultry, must eventually taste the harsh sting of ultimate defeat. Happily, a mysterious benefactor possessed the means to resurrect our deranged copper and return him (and his infamous costume) to the fray. Enhanced with combat biotech designed to dish out some serious assault and battery to Horzine's minions, despite technically being dead, Cook's legend continues to grow. He is out there. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever."


Commando Chicken

The Chickenator

Commando Chicken Suit (Killing Floor 2)