Kf characters

The six default characters in Killing Floor.

The Killing Floor franchise has a surprisingly large amount of Characters, and most of them are playable. There are only a few actual NPCs in the series (unless you count all the dead bodies).

Character Choice does not effect gameplay in any way, it's just how you choose to represent yourself in the game.

Each character has their own appearance and backstory (though in some cases it's a rather short backstory), and in later games they even get their own unique voice.

Some characters are only available as Unlockables or as DLC.

Killing Floor Mod Playable Characters

Kfmod characters screen

Killing Floor originally existed as a mod, which had it's own set of characters, some of which returned with new appearances in the full release of Killing Floor. In this version, the characters were part of the Disaster Response Force. The earliest versions of the mod featured a story mode where you played a lone soldier after the outbreak. You encountered Masterson (whose first name was David here, and he was a Sergeant) who is eventually revealed to be a project created by Horzine and serves as the final boss (there was no Patriarch in this version). Later versions added a good Masterson clone as a playable character.

Killing Floor Playable Characters

Kf1 characters screen

While the retail release of Killing Floor began with only six characters (four of which returned from the mod), through Unlockables and DLC it soon grew to have the largest roster of playable characters out of any game in the series, with a total of 56 characters (though some are alternate versions of the same character).

The characters now have voice lines, but only D.A.R. and Reggie the Rocker have unique voices. All the other male characters share one of two male voices, and all the females share the same female voice. There was a third male voice in the game files, but it was never used.

They are listed on the character select screen alphabetically by their filename.


Outbreak DLC

Nightfall DLC

Postmortem DLC

London's Finest DLC

Steampunk DLC

Steampunk 2 DLC

Urban Nightmare DLC

Neon Character DLC

Misc. DLC

  • D.A.R. (Robot Special DLC, Returns in Killing Floor 2)
  • Mrs. Foster (Mrs. Foster DLC, Returns in Killing Floor 2)

Promotional Characters

  • Ricky Vegas ("Rising Storm" Promotional Character)
  • Hayato Tanaka ("Rising Storm" Promotional Character, returns in Killing Floor 2 with a new backstory)
  • Pyro Red / Pyro Blue ("Team Fortress 2" Promotional Characters)
    • Free to all players without needing to own Team Fortress 2

Unlockable Characters

Killing Floor 2 Playable Characters

Kf2 characters screen

Killing Floor 2 launched with more playable characters than the first game, but it has been slower to add new ones. However, now each character has their own unique voice and a bunch of customization options.

They are listed in the character select screen alphabetically by their last name (except for Rae Higgins, D.A.R., and Mrs. Foster who were the last three added and all just got tacked on to the bottom of the list).





Non-playable Characters

Note that the Traders from the original mod, first game, and second game are all different characters.

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Killing Floor 2

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