• Miracle Max

    Not including maps already listed in Killing Floor Custom Maps, here are some custom maps for Killing Floor that I enjoy.

    I'll try to add images later.

    Author: Ferenos

    Link: Steam

    Description: Evil stalks the desolate streets. Fear and panic are manifested between explosions, screams and roars of death. The city is in ruins and all the shelters that had promised to be the last hope were reduced to smoke and debris. We landed at an abandoned facility where we hope to find survivors because we saw a distress signal, but it seems that we are alone or at least so we thought. Now we must face the terrible consequences.

    Comment: TBA

    Author: TBA

    Link: Steam

    Description: Reports are coming in from the Port Authority about a bizarre attack on the Harbour. …

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  • Miracle Max

    My First Day

    May 11, 2018 by Miracle Max

    Okay, it's my first day on the job as the new admin and I think I got quite a lot done.

    The navigation bar has been entirely redone and all the links now go to actual pages (though many still say TBA at this point).

    My next plan of action is to fill out all the pages that just say TBA.

    After that I'll be going after the redlinks.

    Finally I'll be making another pass to add images.

    Hopefully it'll be done before the next Summer Sideshow so that any new players that end up here can find what they're looking for.

    I've also enabled a chat should anyone want to use it.

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