Ash Harding was originally an exclusive bonus for the Golden Edition of Killing Floor before later being released in her own standalone DLC on August 10th, 2012, the Ash Harding Character Pack.

She was the first playable female character in the game, and for a time had a unique voice until future female characters ended up sharing it.


"Few know Ashley Harding is the daughter of Benny the Diamond, the East End's most feared underworld boss. But rather than embrace a life of lawlessness and wealth, Harding chose to follow her dream of becoming an officer in the British Army. After years earning the grudging respect of her male peers, Harding finally made captain - just as the Horzine nightmare erupted to destroy her ambitions, drowning Harding's elite military unit in blood and madness. Now Ash is a one-woman army driven by the need to push back the darkness and tear evil a new one."


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