Armor (also called Kevlar Assault Vest, Combat Armor, or the Bulletproof Vest) is an item in Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2. It can be found on the ground or bought from the Trader. It adds an extra layer of protection to the player, and does not have any weight.

Some perks are able to start with armor. Some may also have more than 100 points of armor.

It does not effect the visual appearance of the player.

If you have partially damaged armor, the Trader only charges you the amount of Dosh required to get it back to full again.

In Killing Floor 2, if you have less than 300 Dosh, you are still able to buy armor and will just get whatever you can afford (generally 3 Dosh = 1 point of Armor).

Killing Floor


"Kevlar vest. Affords the wearer limited protection from most forms of attack."

Killing Floor 2

"Combat armor protects you from various forms of damage, but is degraded in the process. Buy new armor or repair damaged armor at the Trader."

Flavor Text

"It's a jacket, fitted with plates made from a combo of high-tech fiber and tungsten steel."